Prayer of thanksgiving for what God has done (v. 1-6) Prayer of trust in who God is (v. 7) Prayer of confidence in what God will do (v. 8-12)
Praying for the king (verses 1-5) Salvation from the LORD (verses 6-9)
God provides as shepherd (verses 1-3) God protects as travelling companion (verse 4) God hosts a heavenly banquet (verses 5-6)

God is … refuge

August 21, 2022
God is our strength and refuge so we should trust in our troubles (v 1-3); God is within Jerusalem so seek His supplies (v4-7); God will be exalted so recognise…

Two Books of God

August 14, 2022
Creation and the Bible are two books through which God reveals Himself. The skies and sun declare God's glory (19:1-4); the Bible revives the soul (19:5-11) and the servant pleases…

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