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We conclude our series on Philippians with an encouragement to persevere in peace and joy, gospel thinking and doing and in contentment strengthened by God.
Rev Michael Welham from Geraldton Cathedral helps us consider how Christ's humility points us towards spiritual unity.
Paul puts the gospel first in service, partnership and prayer. So should we!
We continue our studies in Acts by considering Peter's second sermon after the healing of the beggar at the temple gate.
Our new Minister-in-Charge Ven. Paul Spackman explores the content and significance of Pentecost.
Jesus promises power not secret knowledge (verses 6-8). Angels promise Jesus' return not stargazing (verses 9-11). The disciples pray not fight (verses 12-14). Spread of the gospel 0-800 AD Spread…
The introduction to Acts recaps Luke chapter 24 and trails the big themes of the book. Like the rest of the Bible, it’s all about Jesus. How Jesus fulfills the…

A Promised Son

December 12, 2021

Gospel Creeds

September 26, 2021

Praying Disciples

July 18, 2021

The Defeat of Death

April 4, 2021

The Great Exchange

April 2, 2021

In today's sermon we will see the disciples being sent out by Jesus to join him on his mission of proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.
In today's sermon, Jesus demonstrates he has not only the power to heal but also that he has the power over death itself.
Jesus shows the authority that he has been given and commands our response.
In today's sermon we see what it looks like to belong to the Kingdom of God
The story of the sinful woman who washes Jesus' feet shows us that Salvation is open to all sinners, all we need is to have faith in what Jesus has…
The first in our new series of sermons from Luke chapters 7 to 9, Bishop Gary Nelson introduces Luke's Gospel for the series. This is a clear and understandable introduction,…

Warning against unbelief

January 12, 2020
Here we explore what it means to be brothers and sisters of Christ as members of his church and heirs of God's kingdom. We also look at the writer's warning…

God spoke through his Son

January 5, 2020
The opening chapter of Hebrews praises the majesty of the risen and ascended Jesus and his ascendency above all other heavenly beings. His spoken word reflects God the Father in…

The coming of the Magi

December 29, 2019
An early Epiphany sermon. We explore who these pagan magicians from a far country were and the great implications for us of their visit to the baby Jesus.[audio mp3=""][/audio]
Christmas Day 2019. We join the angels and the shepherds as we hear the story of the birth of Jesus - and why he came into our world as a…
Our fourth Advent sermon.Here, at the birth of John the Baptist, his father Zechariah announces that his son is to be named John, and praises God for John's birth and…
This is the third sermon in our short Advent series. Mary is visiting her cousin Elizabeth, and these are her words of praise to God for what he is about…
As we prepare for Christmas, we need to remind ourselves that the birth of Jesus was part of God's great plan for our salvation, foretold from ages before.[audio mp3=""][/audio]
This is the first in our short Advent series leading up to Jesus' first coming as the baby in Bethlehem. We explore the historical and theological situation at the time…
This sermon is the last in our series from John's Gospel exploring the "I am" sayings of Jesus.[audio mp3=""][/audio]
Continuing examination of the I AM sayings of Jesus, we open the amazing event of the death and return to life of Lazarus, as Jesus continues on his final journey…
We continue opening up the "I AM" claims of Jesus in his confrontations with the Jewish religious authorities. Today we are looking at his claim to be the Good Shepherd…
[audio mp3=""][/audio] In this, the second in our series of the I AM sayings of Jesus, Jesus shows the contrast between the spiritual blindness of the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem…
This is the first in our new sermon series looking at the I AM sayings of Jesus. Here we are opening the first of those, Jesus' claim "I am the…

October 13, 2019
A passage which assures us that the wisdom and love of God is exemplified through his provision for salvation for all people.
Bishop Gary Nelson adds powerful encouragement for us all to bring the gospel to all the world, specifically the churches in the Diocese of North West Australia.[audio mp3=""][/audio]
This is the last sermon in our series from the early chapters of Genesis - the primeval history of the world and mankind. By the end of this chapter, the…
The increase in human sinfulness becomes more and more manifest over the succeeding generations since Adam. As a result, God chooses to uncreate the world and all that is in…
As we continue our series from the early chapters of Genesis, we continue with the spread of sinfulness and wickedness in the world through the generations of Adam's descendants.
The fourth in our series "At the heart of the universe," from the early chapters of Genesis. Here we explore the ramifications for all of mankind from the Fall and…
The third sermon in this series from the early chapters of Genesis, what it means for us to be created in the image of God.
The first sermon in our new series from Genesis chapters 1-11. In this sermon we look directly at the creation and our place in it.
The seventh, and last, of Jesus' letters to the seven churches of the Roman province of Asia - to the church in Laodicea.
The sixth letter from Jesus to the seven churches in the Roman province of Asia, this to the church at Philadelphia.
Wake up! - the letter from Jesus to the church in Sardis, the fourth of our series on these letters in Revelation.
The letter of Jesus to the church in Thyatira, the fourth in our current series from Revelation of Jesus' letters to the seven churches of the Roman province of Asia.…

Fellowship in Hope

June 30, 2019
Our bishop preaches for our fifth Sunday of the month morning combined service with the Dongara Uniting Church congregation.
The third letter in our current series on the letters of Jesus to the seven churches in the Roman province of Asia.
The third sermon in our series from Revelation chapters 1-3. This sermon is Jesus' letter to the Church in Smyrna, a church facing great persecution, yet remaining strong in their…
"A love lost?" The first of Jesus' letters to the seven churches in Asia, to the Church in Ephesus. This is a separate recording made by Philip after the actual…

The Resurrection

April 21, 2019

The Atonement

April 19, 2019

Genesis 3

April 22, 2018

Genesis 2

April 15, 2018

Genesis 1

April 8, 2018

God Has Spoken

December 25, 2017

The Promised Saviour

December 18, 2016

The Lord Is Near

November 27, 2016


October 23, 2016


October 16, 2016


September 25, 2016


September 18, 2016


September 11, 2016


September 4, 2016


August 28, 2016

The Holy Spirit

May 15, 2016


February 21, 2016


February 14, 2016


February 7, 2016